Adding a Host Target in EM 13.3


Before adding any Software Targets such as Databases, EBS, Middleware it is mandatory to add the Host Targets first in EM. In this post, we will see the simple process of adding a Host Target in EM. I am going to add a host “” which actually has an Oracle EBS Vision Instance running on it. Before you add the Host you need ensure below are done already:

  1. No firewall between OMS (EM) Host and Target Host. If you cannot open all ports, at least open the needed ports for e.g. 3872 on Target Host and 4889,4903 ports on EM. Always check ports needed to be opened using “emctl status oms -details”
  2. Ensure both hosts are reachable from one another
  3. Create directory for emagent in Target Host for e.g. /u01/install/emagent

Adding Host Target

Adding a Host Target is very easy and self explanatory. Please find the screenshots below.

Using emctl command

Using the emctl status agent -details, you can find details of the Agent and its status as shown in the screenshot above.

Known Issues and Suggestions

You might be facing issues related to firewall, OS permissions on agent, unavailable of OS packages such as ZIP, UNZIP. These you should be able to fix easily ideally.


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