Launching Oracle EBS with OCI EBS Cloud Manager is a breeze !


Typically Oracle Apps DBAs spend several hours or even more than a day to setup environments. With Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager, it is now extremely to launch EBS instances.

You can launch:

  • Oracle EBS 12.2 with 19c DB
  • Oracle EBS 12.2 with 12c DB
  • Oracle EBS 12.1 with 12c DB

With the latest E-Business Suite Cloud Manager 20.2.1, you have even option for Multiple Zones (e.g. DMZ), Logical Hostnames and more. Check new features here:

Database Tier can be configured in Compute, VM DB System or even Exadata DB System. Customers can now easily run intensive workloads of EBS Database on Exadata DB Systems easily without a need to own the expensive hardware. Of course, the Exadata DB System option is expensive compared to others.

There are 2 options to Launch an instance:

  • One-Click (only for Vision Instance 12.2.9)
  • Advanced

You need to obviously use Advanced launching Fresh Install. Different options that can be launched are below:

You can also launch an instance using the backup from the Object Storage.

So let us launch a Fresh Install EBS 12.2.9 with 19c DB.

First you need to configure the DB Tier as show below. Choose the VM shape based on your need and optionally TDE as well.

Then the Application Tier. This is where I am mightily impressed. You have great features to configure:

  • Multiple Zones (For e.g. DMZ)
  • Multiple Application Nodes
  • Load Balancer including https
  • Shared File System
  • Logical Hostname Support

You can see the latest features of the EBS Cloud Manager below:

Once you have provided all details above, save the zone to proceed. Add your SSH Keys.

Verify the summary once again before you launch it.

All you have to do now is just click on submit and enjoy your life!

You can check the status always!


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