ADOP cutover fails with [UNEXPECTED]Error trying to find the status of ICM


While applying one of the patches, during the cutover phase, it was continuously failing with the below error:

Waiting for Internal Concurrent Manager to go down.
[UNEXPECTED]Error trying to find the status of ICM
[UNEXPECTED]Error occurred waiting for ICM to go down
[UNEXPECTED]Cutover phase has failed.

The first thing to do is to check the concurrent managed (ICM) logs and then the cutover logs. In the ICM logs, there is no error at all but in the cutover log, I can see the below error in the file fndsvcrg.log:

[oracle@apps apps]$ pwd
[oracle@apps apps]$ cat fndsvcrg.log
Cannot complete applications logon. You may have entered an invalid applications password, or there may have been a database connect error.
Internal Concurrent Manager status could not be determined.

I checked all the user passwords if they are locked out but they are not. So no issues with any passwords.

This is basically a clean case of Concurrent Manager queue data corruption. So simply shutdown concurrent manager completely first using, then run and select Clean concurrent processing tables option to clean the CP tables.

     CP Administration Main Menu

Administer Concurrent Managers
Administer Concurrent Requests
E. (E)xit CP Administration
Enter your choice: [E] : 1

Administer Concurrent Managers

Manager Status
- Show status of all managers
Clean concurrent processing tables
- Ensure concurrent processing tables are cleaned and reset for ICM startup
Set Manager Diagnostics
- Turn diagnostics on/off for specific managers
Control a manager or service
- Send a control request to a manager or service
Submit Timed Shutdown request
- Submit a Timed Shutdown request
Rebuild Concurrent Manager Views
- Rebuild Views for Fnd_Concurrent_Worker_Requests and Fnd_Concurrent_CRM_Requests
R. (R)eturn to previous menu
E. (E)xit CP Administration
Enter your choice: [R] : 2
Running command: Clean concurrent processing tables (120.0.12020000.7)
This utility should be used when the Internal Concurrent
Manager fails to start due to corrupted internal state
The Internal Concurrent Manager must not be running at
this time. The utility will verify the Internal
Concurrent Manager is not running before making changes.
Continue (Y or N) Y

This cleans all the CM tables. Usually adop faces issues related to ICM several times and is a very useful tool.

Here is a look at the menu:


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