Applying AD and TXK RUP 11 on EBS 12.2


After several month, oracle released the latest AD/TXK RUP i.e. 11. I am going to apply these RUPs on my EBS 12.2.8. You need to follow always the below document for applying the latest AD/TXK RUPs:

Applying the Latest AD and TXK Release Update Packs to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1617461.1)

So the overall process of applying is:

  • Run adgrants.sql from latest AD Patch
  • Start Prepare Phase
  • Apply the ETCC Patches
  • Apply Patch 20756887 (FMW Dependency for AD/TXK 11)
  • Apply AD RUP 11 with additional AD Patches
  • Apply TXK RUP 11 with additional TXK Patches
  • Cutover, Cleanup
  • Migrate latest AD/TXK code to Database
  • Perform the sanity checks

All the patches including AD & TXK will be applied in the same patch cycle. Ensure you download and upload all the patches needed. Though in several cases ETCC patches will not be necessary its recommended to apply the latest ETCC patches needed for your environment. Each environment might need different ETCC patches so I am not going to provide details of applying ETCC patches here. Make sure you run the and to apply the respective DB and MT patches on your EBS.

Run adgrants.sql:

cp <Patch Location>/admin/adgrants.sql $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin
cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin
sqlplus '/as sysdba'
@adgrants.sql APPS

Prepare Phase:

adop phase=prepare 

Apply Patch 20756887:

In my case, FMW is so I need not apply this patch but if you need to apply patch as you are in, perform the below steps :

export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/.../FMW_Home/oracle_common
cd <Patch Location>
opatch apply

Please remember that you will be applying this on Patch File System since you already started the prepare phase.

Apply AD RUP 11 with additional AD Patches:

adop phase=apply patches=26834480,28280348 merge=yes workers=4

Apply TXK RUP 11 with additional TXK Patches:

adop phase=apply patches=28840822,29607457,29794237,29167962 merge=yes workers=4

Cutover, Cleanup:

adop phase=cutover,cleanup mtrestart=no

Migrate latest AD/TXK code to Database:

perl $AD_TOP/bin/admkappsutil.p
cp $INST_TOP/admin/out/ <DB_HOME>
On DB Tier:
unzip -o
cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/<CONTEXT_NAME>
On Apps Tier:

Start the Services and Perform Sanity Checks:

Now that we have applied the patches successfully, start the services and perform the sanity checks.


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