Did you forget running setUtlFileDir during EBS 19c pre-upgrade steps?


So! During EBS pre-upgrade steps, we need to configure UTL_FILE_DIR replacement values using txkCfgUtlfileDir.pl using MOS Document ID: Using UTL_FILE_DIR or Database Directories for PL/SQL File I/O in Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 12.1 and 12.2 (Doc ID 2525754.1).

We need to run it 2 times actually. One is getUtlFileDir and then followed by setUtlFileDir. What happens if you forgot to do it?

Two scenarios:

  1. You have run getUtlFileDir but didn’t do setUtlFileDir
  2. You have not done both

1st Case:

So you have run getUtlFileDir but not setUtlFileDir. In this case, when you run the getUtlFileDir, it would have created the <SID>_utlfiledir.txt file under your 12c $ORACLE_HOME/dbs. Copy it to the 19c $ORACLE_HOME/dbs. Follow the steps from Cloning Document below from steps 4.1.7 Set the Target UTL_FILE_DIR Values in Oracle Database step 4.

Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Multitenant Database using Rapid Clone (Doc ID 2552208.1)

These steps will help you to configure 19c home v$parameter and v$parameter2 values. At the end they run Autoconfig, update DB tables etc.

2nd Case:

You have not done any steps related to UTL_FILE_DIR, then create a file in 19c $ORACLE_HOME/dbs with the name <SID>_utlfiledir.txt. You can use any format you have from previous iterations and just modify the directory list locations. If you don’t have use template below and modify the location based on your environment:

This file stores the UTL FILE DIR parameter values used
by various EBS product teams
1. OS path should not be a symbolic link
2. OS path given in the list should physically exist with proper
3. OS path /usr/tmp which generally is a symbolic link is replaced with
Make sure that OS path /temp/ exists
4. variable on Apps Tier should match with one of the OS paths
in the list. Otherwise you need to modify on all Apps tiers
and run Autoconfig
5. Ensure that all the paths defined in this file exist physically on the
6. Maximum allowed length of UTL_FILE_DIR parameter (combined length of
all paths separated by commas) is 4000 characters, hence ensure that
value does not exceed the limit
6. If the script is being executed as a part of UPGRADE FLOW, note that
all the references to in UTL_FILE_DIR are replaced
For reference, original contents of UTL_FILE_DIR without any updates are
retained in below file:

Follow the steps from Cloning Document below from steps 4.1.7 Set the Target UTL_FILE_DIR Values in Oracle Database step 4.

Good Luck Upgrading!


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